Terms of Sales

*Refund Policy*

It is not completely uncommon for custom prints to arrive flawed. BackStitch SoFlo Fabrics will do its best to make its members aware of any flaws prior to sending out orders, but there may be certain flaws that are too small to catch when cutting a large amount of orders. In the event that this should happen Sonja and/or Annelise will determine if there will be a full refund or a partial refund depending on the flaw and whether it renders the fabric mostly unusable.  Please note that issues such as smudging or defects along the selvage do not constitute a flaw. We guarantee fabric that is 54” wide, but we print on fabric that is 60” wide. Therefore, any flaw within 6” of the selvage is not considered a flaw due to the remaining 54” width being usable. Any flaw that can be covered by a quarter per yard of fabric will not be considered refundable. Any yard with multiple small flaws or a large flawed area will be refunded at $.55 per inch of fabric that is flawed along each 36" length. Washing or otherwise altering the fabric in any way (e.g., cutting, sewing, marking, etc.)  the fabric prior to discussing the flaws with an admin voids any flaw policy. Members must contact an admin with seven (7) days of receiving their fabric to disclose any flaws; the flaw policy is void as of day eight. Also, please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw and you will not be issued a refund for this. We cannot control how you choose to wash your fabric and are therefore not responsible for the outcome of your wash routine. There are tips provided for washing your prints, but as stated we are not responsible for how you choose to prep your fabric. Color variations from the strike offs to the bulk order are not uncommon.  Sonja Prints strike offs to ensure the design is seamless and to verify the quality of the print, size and color tones. However there can be a color variation of 5%-10% difference from the strike off. This is not uncommon, and is not considered a flaw. Should a print be rerun the difference in color and size between the two runs is not considered a flaw. There will be variations due to the nature of printing. They will not be exact. The bulk print can only be compared to the strike off for the round in which it is printed. 

Fabric is cut at a minimum of 37 inches. Refunds will not be given after washing and shrinking occurs.

Each customer will have 7 days to inspect their order to insure quality is to their satisfaction. If you happen to find any flaws or have other concerns, we ask that you please contact our admin team on our Facebook page so we may replace or issue partial/full refunds. Any issues or problems with your order that is addressed after the 7 days is not eligible for replacement or refunds. Any issues need to be addressed before washing, cutting, or altering the fabric in any way. No refunds or replacements will be given at anytime after the fabric has been altered from its original condition.   

BackStitch SoFlo Fabrics is not responsible if your order is damaged in anyway during shipping. We do everything we can to securely package your order to ensure it arrives to you undamaged. If you would like extra insurance coverage on your order please leave a note on your purchase and you will be invoiced for it. Please remember that BackStitch SoFlo Fabrics is not responsible for packages once they are shipped. This includes undelivered packages. Once your package shows movement we can not be responsible for the condition it arrives or the time frame it takes to reach you.

*Privacy Policy*

These are custom designed and printed fabrics that can take an estimated 8-12 weeks to arrive to me from the printer. I will also need additional time for cutting and shipping orders. After I receive the fabric, I will start cutting and filling orders ASAP. If you are uncomfortable waiting this time frame, please do not place an order at this time. Most likely there will be limited retail available after pre orders are filled that will be ready to ship. Any prints that are an inspired print is just that. It is my or my artist's interpretation of characters , themes, and or concepts. In no way am I affiliated with the original host companies.   

*Terms of Service*

By placing a pre-order you are automatically agreeing to this policy. It is up to you to fully read the policies and/or any associated information related to pre-orders prior to completing your purchase(s).  At anytime I have the right to adjust or amend any of the statements listed below.

By placing a pre-order you are agreeing to purchase an item that is not on hand and ready to ship. You understand that there is a waiting period and you have agreed to this wait by completing your purchase. Refunds will not be issued because you feel the wait is too long. The stated turnaround time for each preorder is 10-12 weeks from the end of the round with up to 4 additional weeks needed for processing. Once the round ends we have to submit the order to the printer, wait for it to be printed, have it shipped to us, and then start processing (cutting, folding, and packing) before it can be sent to customers. Round updates are posted to round photo albums.

We ask that if you have  questions or concerns about any orders that you first email or contact a BackStitch team member to address these matters.  Any PayPal dispute(s) filed without first contacting a BackStitch Fabric team member through Facebook, will result in issued refund(s) for all current orders. Additionally, you will no longer be able to purchase from BackStitch Fabrics or BackStitch SoFlo Fabrics. You will also be removed from all BackStitch groups.


Please choose the correct shipping rate that correlates with the amount you are ordering.  Additional shipping may be required for larger orders or orders of mixed textiles. If this applies to you, I will invoice you when your order is ready to be shipped. Your fabrics will not be sent until additional shipping is paid. Any unpaid invoices will be cancelled and 80% of your order will be refunded. The other 20% will be kept for compensation for your lost order and time. No orders will be combined.

*International Shipping*

If you are ordering fabric internationally (anywhere besides the United States) please choose the shipping that correlates with the yardage you are ordering. If there is any extra shipping owed, I will invoice you through Shopify when your order is ready to be shipped. If your order requires additional shipping costs, your order will not be sent unit the additional amount is paid. You will have 72 hours to pay your invoice (if host or team member has not been contacted to make other arrangements). Any unpaid invoices will be cancelled and 80% of your order will be refunded. The other 20% will be kept for compensation for your lost order and time. 

*Bulk Orders*

You may use the discount code: 15oneprint if you are placing and order of 15+ yards of the same design. If you use the discount code for anything less than 15 yards per design, your order will be cancelled and issued a refund after the round closes. If this happens you will not be allowed to replace your order as the round will no longer be available to order from. If you order a design that is less than 15 yards but want to order another design that is 15+ yards please order them separately to ensure you receive the bulk order price on the bulk yardage.

*Order Cancellation*

You may cancel your order at anytime for a full refund, less the 3% PayPal fee if Paypal is the payment method, during the OPEN pre-order. Once the preorder has closed the preorder sale is final. Retail sales are final

*Guide Shipping Protection*

If you added Guide Shipping Protection to your order and now are experiencing issues, please go to http://www.guidepro.io to file a claim. Once submitted a Guide representative will begin processing your claim and follow up with you via email with an approval or for more information if necessary.


Thank you for your business!!!!!

BackStitch SoFlo Fabrics